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HEAD Cyano Graphene XT 110/ 120/ 135 squash rackets review by PDHSports.com

NEW REVIEW of the HEAD Cyano Graphene XT 110/ 120/ 135 squash rackets by PDHSports.com. All these rackets are available to purchase from our online ...

  • squash cambridgesquashopen2010

    Beating girls is easy

    (Well, maybe not this one). Danny accidentally cracked Joelle in the head with the butt of his racquet in an otherwise good natured match in the mens' open semi final (which Danny went on to win).

    Photo by pbkwee on Flickr

  • streetperformer

    July_Fourth_2007 - 15

    Street performer at Quincy Market-trying to squeeze in and out of a squash racquet,a tennis racquet and finally climbing up a pole and juggled with a set of knives as he spins a double headed spear with his mouth.

    Photo by nicholasngkw on Flickr

  • 50 Ways to Celebrate Fall

    10/05/15 ,via The Daily News Journal

    Savor local bites at The Summer Kitchen Café or Restaurant Paradis and enjoy the area's plentiful pools, racquet club and fabulous shopping. Rosemarybeach.co. To the If you think you've got a good sense of direction, head out to Lucky Ladd Farms

  • 'Real Tennis' May Be Obscure, but It Has Fans in Britain

    10/01/15 ,via New York Times

    I couldn't get the heavy racket, which resembles a bulky wooden squash racket, in place fast enough to make good contact with the low-bouncing ball, and never seemed to be in the right position to return a ball that caromed off a wall or trickled off

  • The Antique Sport of Real Tennis, and the Woman Who Dominates It

    09/27/15 ,via The New Yorker

    No woman could compete with her in the game of real tennis—the centuries-old racquet sport that gave rise to the modern game—so she lobbied the sport's governing bodies to let her compete in men's tournaments. She is Players like to say that real

  • The big issues facing squash in Australia: Q&A with Aaron Frankcomb

    09/29/15 ,via The Roar

    We at were lucky enough to talk about the state of professional and amateur squash in this country with professional Aaron Frankomb, who heads up the East Coast Squash Academy in Sydney. He's a man who's travelled the world playing the game 

  • 'The Cave' toasts its bootlegging legacy

    09/12/15 ,via The Boston Globe

    “They'd shut this side down and they'd send two guys out on the squash court,” he says. The court is now the dance floor. “Lord knows how they were standing, but they'd run out there and grab a squash racquet. The feds would poke their heads in, turn 

50 Ways to Celebrate Fall - The Daily News Journal

While we love summer’s lazy days and carefree spirit, autumn beckons with its own magic. We’re excited to offer our first-ever list of ideas for enjoying fall’s splendor locally, along with a few nearby and travel inspirations. Of course, fifty ways to celebrate is just a number; we’re confident you’ll find many more.


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Source: www.dnj.com
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  • Squash Racquets: the Khan Game

    Wayne State University Press. 1967. ISBN: 0814314694,9780814314692. 161 pages.

    The champion Pakistani squash player briefly discusses his career and offers instruction on the serve and the stroke and combination shots

  • The Game of Squash Racquets

    2015. 64 pages.

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Head Graphene XT Cyano 110 Squash Racquet by HEAD

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  • Weight 110 g / Beam 20 mm


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Head IG Laser Squash Racquet by HEAD

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  • Balance: 360mm
  • Beam: 17.6mm