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Game 12 of '16. Snagging a dozen baseballs while Ballhawking the Chicago Cubs and Pirates @ PNC Park

5/2/16 at Pnc Park. Cubs vs Pirates. Click Subscribe!

  • baseball helmet running littleleague

    Little League baseball, May 2010 - 50

    Note: this photo was published in an undated (late Oct 2010) Nice Little League Baseball Equipment photos blog, with the same title and detailed notes as what I had written on this Flickr page. ****************...

    Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

  • baseball littleleague

    Little League baseball, May 2010 - 49

    Note: this photo was published in an Aug 9, 2010 blog titled "GameChanger sees a business model in baseball scores." It was also published in a May 29, 2012 blog titled Consejos de softbol pitcheo de los...

    Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

  • Rubio: Economic reforms needed to spark growth

    10/07/15 ,via Foster's Daily Democrat

    Afterward, he took about a dozen questions from the audience on climate change, immigration, private prisons, Social Security, the high cost of prescription drugs, and other topics. Many who He also signed baseballs and copies of his memoir. And

  • Broken bats and used baseballs; Orioles' store sells it all

    09/29/15 ,via Baltimore Sun

    Sometimes, players seek to keep baseballs — such as milestone home runs — that enter the stands. Fans typically are asked to surrender such a caught ball in exchange for other autographed memorabilia from the player. At the store on Monday were

  • MLB, NFL seek to blend fashion and fandom

    10/06/15 ,via MyAJC

    The black bag was patterned with neat rows of white "O's" logos and had a $329 price tag _ enough to buy a handful of large bobblehead dolls plus a dozen $11 orange foam fingers. The store at Camden Yards sells "Because we've been around so long _

  • Couple arrested in Miss. for fake Babe Ruth baseballs

    10/02/15 ,via Jackson Clarion Ledger

    BILOXI, Miss. - Biloxi police have arrested a Florida couple accused of selling fake baseballs signed by Babe Ruth to more than a dozen businesses across five states. The Sun Herald reports 36-year-old Shane Simpson faces a charge of false pretense.

  • Man wanted after running scam using fake autographed baseballs

    09/30/15 ,via WCBD News 2

    Daphne Police and police departments in a dozen cities in 5 southeastern states are looking for a man who conned pawn shops with fake sports memorabilia. Police say back in June, Shane A. Simpson went to Eddie's Pawn Shop in Daphne wanting to pawn 

Rubio: Economic reforms needed to spark growth - Foster's Daily Democrat

Rubio criticized the Obama Administration on several fronts, particularly the nation’s “confusing” foreign policy. He said cuts to the military threaten national security and show weakness to our enemies. If elected, he promised to revamp the U.S. Army and solidify our place as the world’s military superpower. Source:
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  • The Engineering of Sport 7

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2009. ISBN: 228709413X,9782287094132. 703 pages.

    During the last years, artificial turf pitches have become commonly used for sports like hockey, tennis, rugby and football. The acceptance of this sport surface has found obj- tions in sports like football because first generations of artificial turf showed many problems and differences respect to the natural grass. These differences have been reduced but a serious problem exists yet: skin injuries due to sliding. This problem has been called “turf-burns”. The risk of this turf burn curbs...

  • A Day in the Season of the Los Angeles Dodgers

    SP Books. 1990. ISBN: 0944007899,9780944007891. 175 pages.

    Briefly traces the history of the Dodgers, describes what goes on at the stadium on the day of a game, and shares the comments of fans, players, front office people, and those who work at the stadium

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