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  • yonex badminton racket shuttlecock dbs citi rbs ocbc

    Photo by suran2007 on Flickr

  • birdie badminton shuttlecock

    Just Out of Bounds

    Feel free to use this image just link to

    Photo by Dave Dugdale on Flickr

  • Growing the sport of badminton on campus and the US

    10/06/15 ,via N.C. State University Technician Online

    This means that the teams were able to hit the birdie, also known as a shuttlecock, back and forth over eighty times for just one point. Luo said that the sport of badminton is more popular in Asian and European countries but that it has not yet

  • Bringing 'sexy' back for Chinese badminton fans

    09/22/15 ,via Times of India

    Now everything is on the table as badminton looks to capitalise on its wide appeal and gain a profile that will bring sponsors running and turn its players into millionaires. New scoring, new advertising and even new shuttlecocks and court colours are

  • Frederick Smith receives sports gear

    10/03/15 ,via Barbados Today

    Students of Frederick Smith Secondary School were recently presented with 20 rackets, two nets and three tubes of shuttlecocks by the Barbados Badminton Association. In an address at the Trents, St James school during the presentation ceremony, 

  • Mayor Landrieu to fed judge: Give City Hall control of sheriff's budget

    09/29/15 ,via

    The request is the latest shuttlecock batted in an ever-quickening game of legal badminton. The two sides are fighting on multiple policy fronts and through two courts, state and federal. The gist of the administration's latest argument is this: The

  • Umno keeps smashing Chinese shuttlecock into net

    10/02/15 ,via Malaysiakini (subscription)

    LeftHandSide: There are two ways to score points in a badminton match. One is smash to score. Another is to play safe by just sending the shuttlecock over and wait for the opponent to make a mistake and hit into the net. Lately we have been seeing a

Bringing 'sexy' back for Chinese badminton fans - Times of India

SINGAPORE: Badminton's bid to make women players wear skirts may have been ill-advised, but the sport is again seeking a "sexy" new image to bring in fans and revenue.

Even in China, where badminton has mass participation and world-beating stars, its visibility dims in the glare of more glamorous rivals like NBA basketball, football and tennis.

Now everything is on the... Source:
RT @BadmintonEnglnd: We saw this - and loved it - whilst out and about in London yesterday. Could shuttlecocks as wall art become a new 'th… 05/29/17, @shreya_girish
RT @BadmintonEnglnd: Embrace @HandmadeHour and take a look at this brilliant blog on how to upcycle used feather shuttlecocks:… 05/29/17, @Wild_M_Mallow
  • The Development of an Instrument to Project Badminton Shuttlecocks

    1971. 94 pages.
  • The Engineering of Sport

    CRC Press. 1996. ISBN: 9054108223,9789054108221. 360 pages.

    Science and technology has been used more and more in the last few decades to gain advantage over competitors. Quite often, however, the actual science involved is not published because a suitable journal cannot be found. The Engineering of Sport brings together work from a very diverse range of subjects including Engineering, Physics, Materials and Biomechanics. The Engineering of Sport represent work which was represented at the 1st International Conference on the Engineering of Sport held...

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12-Pack Kevenz Advanced Goose Feather Shuttlecocks,77 Grains-medium Speed Badminton Balls by KEVENZ

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  • Speed:77 Grains-medium Speed Badminton Balls


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12 Counts Kevenz Training Sport Feather Shuttlecocks Badminton Ball Game (Yellow,Nylon) by KEVENZ

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  • Material:Nylon feathers,solid cork


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Mavis 2000 Nylon Tournament Shuttle-Yellow (1/2 dozen) by Yonex

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  • comes in 1/2 dz tube
  • synthetic feather shuttle with the revolutionary wing rib structure